Hayes School, Bromley

With the huge increase in technology over the recent past we found that the extra heat generated by computers in classrooms produced a temperature that was very difficult to work in. This was particularly bad during the summer months but in some areas of high density computer stations also affected the rooms during spring and autumn.

Hayes School investigated suppliers a couple of years ago and selected All Seasons Climate Control to be our main supplier. We have now completed 3 phases of an ongoing programme as funds become available and selected the areas to be done in priority of need as part of an ongoing programme.

We have found that All Seasons have the experience and knowledge to get the specifications just right according to the size of rooms of exactly what is needed. They are a flexible company and arrange for installations with the minimum disruption to students and teachers and if there is a need can arrange for work to be done after the working day has ended or at weekends.

They are very professional and react to faults quickly and efficiently. The cost of installations is very reasonable compared to other companies we looked at and their service contract charges for regular servicing very realistic.

The first major area to be completed was the Maths Department. Following installation the teachers from that department were very complimentary at the change to lower temperatures and the control systems when each teacher can select different temperatures, fan speeds and a super cooling system which can be used at the start of the morning to prepare for the first lesson.

We would be pleased to recommend All Seasons Climate Control.

Mr. Steve Madder