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How does air conditioning enhance workplace productivity


The first consideration is perhaps the most obvious: the extent to which a hot office impacts your employees’ ability to work. A hot, sticky office takes its toll on the human body; both heat and humidity can have a significant impact on concentration levels.

The same is true of environments which are excessively cold. If your staff spend all of their time shivering and rubbing their hands together, they are unlikely to be able to focus on their respective tasks. This has since been backed up with hard science. A study at Cornell University concluded that lowering office temperatures by just five degrees from room temperature (25 degrees Celsius) increases an employee’s propensity to make mistakes by as much as 44%.

Air conditioning prevents both of these occurrences. By keeping your work environment at a stable temperature, you can thereby ensure that your staff can concentrate consistently and be more productive as a result.


The second consideration is more subtle than the first. It centres on the effect a properly air-conditioned workplace can have on the morale of those who work in it.

One of the best ways to ensure a productive workplace is to ensure that all of its staff are kept happy. Happiness (or a lack of it) is highly contagious – we’ve all at some point been trapped in a room with a desperately glum person and found ourselves feeling down, as if the mood is contagious. Similarly, most of us have at one point or other felt a little despondent and then encountered a relentlessly upbeat person who lifts our sprits a little.

Studies have demonstrated repeatedly that happier, more enthusiastic workers are more productive ones. By providing your staff with a comfortable, air-conditioned working environment, you give them one more reason to be cheerful – and so go one step further to creating the high-morale atmosphere which is so key to productivity.


Finally, it’s worth considering the fact that investing in an air-conditioning system sends a message of goodwill to your employees. It demonstrates that you care about their wellbeing and that you value their continued good health. Employees who feel that their employer is invested in their welfare are more likely to reciprocate by working harder. If you value your workforce and are grateful for their contributions to your business, then there are few better ways of saying this than by investing in an air-conditioning system.

In conclusion

Employees are more productive when they are able to carry out their duties in a comfortable environment. Modern AC units will respond to changes in temperature, ensuring that workspaces are not allowed to get too hot, nor too cold. Such a step will help to safeguard the future prosperity of your business!