Improve your customer service with air conditioning

Air conditioning technology is among the most widespread of these technologies – it allows for the temperature of a given building to be kept within a narrow band. Not only can air conditioners cool an environment, they can also warm them too. They’re also capable of acting as a dehumidifier, which can heighten the sensation of coldness – if you’ve ever walked into an air-conditioned shop during a hot day, you’ll have experienced this ‘arctic’ blast.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which an air conditioning system might improve the experience of customers in a range of businesses.


In a hotel, the customer is mainly there to get a good night’s sleep. All of the other additions are of little use to the customer if this primary objective is not met. Of course, this objective might easily be undermined if the room is too hot, or – worse – humid. We’ve all been in the unpleasant situation of trying to sleep in a room that’s on this sort of night – the attempt is invariably unpleasant and exhausting.

With the help of an air conditioning system, this problem can be alleviated; the customer can set the desired temperature, and thereby enjoy a great night’s sleep during even the most sweltering of summer nights.

Apartment Blocks

Similarly, apartment blocks will benefit from some form of climate control. After all, one’s permanent living environment should be spent in the right temperature for much the same reason that one’s hotel room should be. By giving your customer control of the temperature, you’ll empower them to dial in a setting that makes them feel comfortable.


In a bank, or indeed any other environment where staff are expected to laisse with the public, you’ll have another factor to consider. Your staff will need to be comfortable and focussed in order to provide your customers with the service that they expect.

We should also consider that those working in a bank are expected to abide by a certain dress code. Certainly, having your staff remove their jackets and roll up their sleeves is not going to strike the right professional image.


Picture the scene. You’re out in a restaurant, where you’ll be sat for more than an hour – or possibly several. If you’re forced to do so while the temperature is oppressively hot and stuff, then your enjoyment of your meal will be diminished. When it comes to drawing repeat customers to this sort of business, it’s important to consider all aspects of the dining experience. For this reason, air conditioning provides an invaluable tool.

Fitness Centre

If you’re running a gym, then an air conditioner can help your customers to train harder, and for longer. This is because cooler air temperature can allow customers to better transfer heat away from their bodies, which in turn will produce a reduction in fatigue and headaches that come about as a result of over exercise.

Physiologically, these high temperatures will place a strain on your customers. Not only will they have to contend with the exertion of exercise, their bodies will also need to deal with the excess heat.

But the biggest benefits of an air-conditioned gym come about not directly as a result of lower air temperatures, but because of the dehumidifying effect of the air conditioner. If you’re going to sweat a lot, as you will invariably do during exercise, then that moisture must go somewhere. If the air is already saturated with water vapour, then that water will have nowhere to go, and the subjective feeling of heat will be intolerable.

Of course, all of this might not be appreciated by your customers during their workout. They might just have a vague sense of discomfort, and develop an aversion to frequenting your establishment.


Finally, we arrive at the workplace. Of course, in an office environment, we’ve not only go to consider the effect of the heat itself, but the effect that it might have on the productivity of those working there. It’s been demonstrated that excessive feelings of heat can cause distraction, and that workers are at their most focussed when the room temperature is optimal. If you’re looking to foster a healthy, happy, and productive working environment, you should therefore consider air conditioning an invaluable tool.