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Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Servicing

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Air conditioning units can be a godsend on a hot day but how much do you really know about how your system works?

Would you know what to do if it started to malfunction? Luckily, with proper maintenance your air conditioning unit should be a faithful servant even during the hottest weather and if it does need a repair, it’s usually quite easy to work out what the problem is.

Common problems you may experience with air conditioning units.

How to carry out routine maintenance

Regular maintenance helps to avoid these problems happening. This is preferable as repairs can often cost a lot of money. Learning how to maintain your air conditioning unit ensures that it lasts for longer and costs you less over time.

When to call in a professional

Whilst there are many things you can do to carry out basic maintenance yourself, there are times when only a professional will do. The list of faults we identified above would require an air conditioning professional but these faults could require costly repairs. A better strategy is to employ a specialist to service your unit regularly in the hope that with proper servicing and maintenance you’ll never have to worry about any major faults.

A service should include the following:

With these easy checks and thorough cleans as well as scheduling a regular service with a pro, your air conditioning unit should be successfully cooling you for years to come.