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The Hottest Places on the Planet

Most of us enjoy the warm weather of the summer and prefer it to being cold. The warmth and sunshine often lifts moods and makes the world seem a better place as people take the opportunity to spend time together out of doors. The days and are longer and nights lighter and everything just seems

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The Coldest Places on the Planet

Planet Earth is a world of extremes with vast areas of the world subject to extreme climates which make habitation a huge challenge, if not downright impossible. Humans have evolved and adapted in order to be able to live in these extreme climates but some places of the world are simply ruled by nature as

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Do Penguins and Polar Bears Feel The Cold?

Unless you live under a rock (in the proverbial sense) you probably know that penguins and polar bears endure some of the most intense weather conditions of any creatures on earth. But did you know that despite common misconceptions, polar bears and penguins never cross each other’s path? This is incredibly lucky for the penguin!

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