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Our service and maintenance are second to none. To prolong the life of every unit and make sure you get a cost effective and environmentally friendly service throughout your experience with All Seasons we uphold the highest standards of air conditioner maintenance because we want your units to run for the maximum length of time. We service companies in the London, Essex and Hampshire areas. Al of our installs go onto a service contract so they receive efficient maintenance twice a year.

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Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

All Seasons Climate Control has a network of over 60 engineers nationwide, available 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

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If my system is still within its warranty period, why do I need a maintenance contract?

Air Conditioning systems are an expensive investment that need protecting much like anything that has mechanical moving parts. Systems that are not maintained or that are poorly maintained will not have their warranty upheld by any manufacturer. Air conditioner maintenance saves future costs. Poorly maintained systems put unrequired stress on mechanical components increasing wear and tear and ultimately reducing the life expectancy of the system.

Systems that suffer continual failure may be subjected to an inspection by the manufacturer and if found to be in a poor state, they will void warranty. All heating and air conditioning maintenance helps prolong the life of your units.

My air conditioning system is operating, but I cannot feel much of an air flow from the unit(s). What could be the issue?

When was your last maintenance carried out? The frequency to which your air conditioning system requires maintenance varies dependant on the conditions it operates in. Soiled filters or blocked/dirty coils will dramatically reduce the air flow from your unit(s). You may need more frequent maintenance of your system(s).

The air conditioning is running but is not cooling or heating?

Check that it is set to Cooling or Heating operation on your controls system dependant on which you require. If it already is set to one of these, has it been working over the last 24 hours without issue? If it has, are there any fault codes showing on the systems controls? If there are, time for a technician to attend to investigate as the system will have stopped due to this error.
If there is no error code showing, then it may be that the system has started to lose its refrigerant due to leakage or the software which controls the system is still managing to keep the system operational, but at reduced capacity. In either case, your system needs a trained professional to investigate.

Do I need to have my system regularly topped up with gas?

Absolutely not, refrigeration and air conditioning systems do not use up refrigerant, If your system(s) are short of the required amount of refrigerant, then it/they either have a leak which must be addressed immediately under current legislation or it has been poorly commissioned and needs rectifying as it is running with poor efficiency and having little affect.

If I take out a maintenance contract, what is carried out and how much disruption will there be?

Activities such as filter cleaning; coil cleaning, drainage system cleaning and checks as well as operation checks are carried out. These are important to keep the efficiency and minimise the potential for failure of the system. Maintenance can be carried out inside or outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption.

Check out our “Our Services” page for full description of maintenance activities carried out by All Seasons Climate Control

The system has never seemed to work properly, why?

If a system has never provided a comfortable environment and always seemed to have struggled to heat or cool, then it maybe undersized for the area it is installed.
A calculation should be carried out by a trained technician to confirm whether the system is sized correctly or is operating incorrectly.

My system has suffered with multiple failures in a short space of time. What could be the cause?

The system has an underlying issue which is the cause of the failures. Is it always the same part that fails? If so, then it will continue to fail no matter how many times it is replaced unless the cause is found and corrected. A sound heating and air conditioning plan can prevent these issues cropping up.

Our environment is always stuffy and the air quality seems poor. What could be the issue?

Do you have a fresh air and extraction system installed? If so, do you have this regularly maintained? If not, then it is time to have a technician attend site and look at the system as these usually have filtration which can become blocked and need cleaning and/or replacing.
If you do not have any fresh air and extraction system, then it is time to think about installing a system to improve your environment and make sure you comply with current building legislation.

My air conditioning system is smelly. What could be the cause?

During the air conditioner maintenance of your system, the attending technician should be cleaning the drainage system contained within the indoor units. Indoor units will accumulate dust and dirt from the air that passes over it during operation and when condensation on the coil occurs and falls down the coil into the condensation tray, this dirt will fall with it. If regular cleaning does not take place, this dust and dirt will begin to smell as algae forms. This can cause the unit(s) to smell.
Unclean filters in the indoor units can also become smelly if they are not regularly cleaned as these hold the dust and dirt from the air.

I haven’t had my unit serviced in 5 years, and it seems to work OK. Why should I bother having it maintained?

Your system is most likely operating in a clean environment where airborne dirt and dust is very low. Your system should still receive regular maintenance though as it will accumulate dirt and dust from the space, but the frequency it needs maintaining will be low. You must also ensure that you are having it inspected to comply with the F-Gas regulations.

Not having your system maintained on an annual basis, even if installed in a very clean environment will mean that your operating costs are increasing along with the risk of failure, albeit at a slower rate compared to systems installed in a dirtier environment.

Can All Seasons do my service and maintenance if I didn’t use them for my install?

Yes, we can supply service and maintenance for all systems whether the air conditioning has been installed by All Seasons or not.

Can I have maintenance outside of normal work hours?

Yes, we are happy to work around you and your requirements. We have technicians on call and available to work all hours of the day.

How long will maintenance take, and how disruptive will it be?

They’re are many variables which may dictate how long maintenance will take which range from how many units you have, what type of system it is, and how efficiently your unit is working upon inspection. What we do know is that our technicians work quickly and quietly so you have as little disruption as possible, and they will keep you informed of their progress whether they are on site for half an hour or all day.

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