2507777_41304df2-1Versatemp Air Conditioning and Versatemp Refurbishment

Versatemp is a well known brand for a range of water sourced heat pumps that provide reliable and efficient
air conditioning. Versatemp air conditioning units are ideally suited to commercial premises such as Hotels, Office and Retail environments.

The Versatemp air conditioning system uses an uninsulated pipe water loop connecting with each room containing a Versatemp terminal unit.
The water loop is kept to within a 20-40 centigrade temperature throughout the year. The Versatemp terminal loops either take heat or reject heat as required.

Only when the demand for energy exceeds what is contained in the loop, does the heat injector or rejector operate.
Becuase the injector or rejector never work simultaneously, but rather in co-operation, they maintain a steady temperature all year round.


Maintenance and Refurbishment Services for Versatemp Air Conditioning

All Seasons Climate Control qualified engineers provide a full support service to end users of Versatemp Air Conditioning units.

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