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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of your Air Conditioning Contract

  1. The contract of sale between the parties shall be governed by these conditions. No other terms or conditions except those which may be implied by law or statute shall be of any effect unless the same are expressly agreed in writing by the parties.
  2. The quoted price is valid at the time of quotation, but may have increased if your order is placed at a later date and in any event is always subject to installation taking place within 90 days of the contract.
  3. We have quoted the cost of installing air conditioning as discussed with you and set out overleaf. Once you have accepted this quotation, we agree to install the air conditioning on the terms set out in this contract.
  4. All work set out in the quotation will be carried out during normal working hours, which are 8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated. Access to your premises is required while work is in progress.
  5. Additional costs may be incurred if:-
    1. Variations or additions not stated overleaf or which we find to be necessary and which could not have been identified when the original quotation was given.
    2. We have to remove any dangerous waste material, such as asbestos, which could not have been reasonably foreseen when the original quotation was given and we became aware of only when installation commenced.
    3. For any reason we cannot gain access to site, resulting in delays not caused by the company.
    4. You cancel your installation without giving us 48 hours notice.

In all these cases we will explain to you the reasons for the additional costs and will agree with you in advance what the additional costs will be.

  1. The company will not accept liability for delays outside its control, including fire, war or adverse weather/traffic conditions. If this situation should arise, we will advise you of an alternative fitting date.
  2. The deposit shown overleaf must be paid when the order is placed. The balance is due on completion of the work, unless a Credit Agreement has been signed. In the event that the credit agreement is cancelled, you are liable to pay the balance outstanding immediately.
  3. This contract may be cancelled by WRITTEN notice to:

All Seasons Climate Control Ltd
Unit 5, Prospect Business Park
Langston Road
IG10 3TR

It must be sent by recorded delivery or registered post and received no later than fourteen days after the date on which the contract has been signed. Any cancellation after this period will result in the loss of the deposit.   All Seasons Climate Control Ltd retains the right to cancel this agreement at any given notice.

  1. Information you provide or we hold (whether or not under this contract) may be used by us or by our agents.
  2. In connection with this contract, we may carry out a check with one or more licensed credit reference agencies. They will retain a copy of the search. Payment details of your account will be recorded and may be shared with other organisations to help make credit decisions about you or and/or members of your household and for debt collection and fraud prevention. This includes those who have moved house and who are in default.
  3. These terms and conditions, together with the information overleaf are intended to set out the whole agreement between both parties. If you have any queries, please contact Allseasons Climate Control Ltd, on 020 8502 4540.
  4. All systems remain the property of Allseasons Climate Control Ltd, until paid for in full.
  5. Late payments will be charged at 3% above the bank base rate, unless agreed in writing by our company Managing Director.
  6. A £20.00 fee +VAT will be invoiced for stopped/returned cheques to cover bank and administration costs.
  7. Any obstructions, i.e. Televisions, Furniture, and Computers etc should be moved prior to installation. If in the event this has not been possible, our engineers will move any items obstructing access, but whilst taking reasonable care, neither they nor the Company will accept any liability for damage.

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